Fundraising for FOCAL

My name is Peter Britton and I am a committee member of the Friends of the Community of Adderbury Library (FOCAL) which has undertaken to raise £9,660 per annum to help keep the local library open.

I have therefore decided to do a virtual walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats as a one-off fundraising project. This is how it works.

I love walking, whether it is locally or further afield. I intend to do a local walk round Adderbury every weekday morning. The route is three miles long. This means I will walk at least fifteen miles per week which converts to 780 miles per annum. For each local mile I walk, I will also walk one mile on my virtual walk. The distance between Land’s End and John O’Groats is just over 800 miles, so, with some additional walks, I should cover the distance in about twelve months.

I will post a weekly blog on this website keeping you abreast of how I am doing. Hopefully my blog, with an emphasis on gentle humour, will be entertaining enough for you to return to see how I am getting on.

In return I am seeking donations for my efforts. It can be a one-off payment, several periodical payments, or an amount per mile. The choice is yours. Just go to the How To Donate link, decide on an option, and follow the instructions.

And if you want to look out for me I usually set off between 7:30am and 8:30 am and I take the following route:

• I start at the old Roman Catholic Church in Round Close Road and head towards Horn Hill Road
• I turn left onto Horn Hill Road and head up towards Berry Hill Road
• I turn left onto Berry Hill Road and walk along to the A4260 Oxford Road
• I turn left onto the A4260 and walk back into the village
• At the first pedestrian lights I turn right into Lake Walk
• I go all round Adderbury Lakes and leave vie Sydenham Close
• I then turn left onto the Aynho Road and walk back towards the centre of the village.
• I cross the A4260 again and turn into the High Street
• I turn left onto Church Lane and then left onto Mill Lane
• I follow the stream footpath back up to Dog Close and cross the Lucy Plackett Playing Fields
• Finally, I am back home in Round Close Road

Say hello to me when you see me.