22 March 2019

I think I need a break. I have walked an additional 20 miles this week which on my virtual walk has taken me from Logierait up to Pitlochry, passing the Dunfallandy Stone, close to the Pitlochry Dam, and near to The Enchanted Forest, before finally arriving at the local pub in the small hamlet of Calvine. I have researched the area and although the whole area is very pretty, there is nothing that comes close to anything quirky that would slot comfortably into this blog. It seems I have been tracking the A9 for a long time now, so it’s time for a break.

My next blog will appear some time during the week commencing 7 April but be warned. It will be different.

I did pay a virtual visit to The Highland Fling Bungee Centre, and in my mind,  I did have a go. But the emphasis there is it was in my mind. I think if I actually did a bungee jump right now, my heart would most likely explode. I took a look on YouTube for some videos and there were plenty. Here’s a link to a couple:

I noticed that both videos involved two young ladies and the instructors in both videos were having a really good time. It made me wonder if the jumper had been me. What would the instructors have said?

Me. “I’m a wee bit scared.”

Them. “ Ah, shup up, you English muppet and jump.”

Back in Adderbury and I accidentally discovered a brand-new way to stop cars speeding as they enter the village along the Aynho Road. My wife sometimes says to me, “Peter. You do walk at a brisk pace, don’t you? You are not strolling round the village, are you?” “Of course I walk at a brisk pace,” is my standard response, but of course that is not real proof. She wants hard evidence. And so I set about getting it. I often notice that the traffic calming sign as you enter the village often lights up when cars approach saying “30mph. Slow Down” If I took a picture of the sign lit up as I approached it, it would show that not only am I walking briskly, I am also breaking the speed limit. It was a joke thing to show my wife. So, last Tuesday morning, as I approached the sign, it lit up numerous times as cars passed by. When I got close I stopped, pointed my phone camera at the sign, and waited for it to light up. I stood there for about three minutes. The sign did not light up once. It was rush hour. Plenty of cars passed me, but everyone had slapped on their brakes. Seemingly, there was some village do-gooder waging a one-man crusade against speeding cars. I did get a couple of toots, but no lit-up sign. So, if you want traffic to slow down, get someone to stand there and point a camera at the sign. It works. If only they knew what I was really doing.

Short and sweet. Back in April. l


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