5 May 2019

It is very much a case of today is Sunday so this must be Scotland. Last Thursday I left Swanage and drove the near 300 miles to Harrogate in North Yorkshire. On Friday, my wife and I, amongst other things, house hunted. And we were very lucky. Very, very lucky. We looked “outside the box” and viewed a mid-terrace cottage about six miles from Harrogate, a good twelve miles outside our preferred area of Ilkley and Skipton. And it was drop dead gorgeous. So, on Saturday morning we returned to the house in the small hamlet/village of Shaw Mills (Google it) and we bought the place. We then drove the 275 miles to Kenmore in Perthshire where we will now hibernate until next Saturday.

Having said that, we are off on a road trip on Tuesday which will take in Inverness and John O’Groats. Unfortunately, timing is just out. I still have 120 miles to walk and it would have been lovely for my actual self to meet my virtual self as I arrived at the John O’ Groats Visitor Centre. That might have been a first. But unless I walk 120 miles before Wednesday morning………………….

And the only other thing to add in this this very brief update is that I have been reunited with my underpants……..and socks.

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  1. And of course, I missed a golden opportunity. It wasn’t a brief update. It was a briefs update. I am obviously slowing down as I get older.

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