10 May 2019

And so the roadshow continues. I am still in Scotland but with a difference. My actual self is sharing the same places as my virtual self. It’s weird. Based in Kenmore in Perthshire, I did a 470 mile road trip to John O’Groats and back this week, and I found myself driving through places I had virtually walked through in previous weeks. It was a bit like science fiction. I took a whole bunch of photos of me at John O’Groats but you must wait till I end my virtual walk until I unleash them to the general public.

And this time next week I will be in Malaga. Are you all keeping up?

Meanwhile, back on my virtual walk, I began the week in Inverness. I am now able to mix my personal experiences with the place now as I drove through the city last Tuesday. As you head towards the Kessock Bridge, you go past the football stadium belonging to Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club. And it is not that big. Its biggest football crowd was 7,753, but this was dwarfed by a crowd of 19,400  who watched a Rod Stewart concert there in 2010. People in the Scottish Highlands obviously prefer a good rendering of “Legs” to seeing Inverness draw 0-0 with Glasgow Rangers. I did double check that it wasn’t an Andy Stewart show…………………….And the committee there obviously like their music as the last new stand opened held an extra 400 supporters and was to be their “singing section”.

I have got to know the A9 quite well this week. I have been walking along it on my virtual walk since just north of Edinburgh, but now I have actually experienced it, I realise it is one of those incredibly annoying roads. One minute it is a dual carriageway. Then it becomes two lanes again for ten miles. And is it just me? As you come to the end of one stretch of dual-carriageway, a slow moving lorry, usually loaded to the hilt with logs, crops up from nowhere and you are stuck behind it for the next 15 minutes.

Having walked 28 additional miles, I am now just north of the small village of Inchindown. And again, because I have now driven through the place, I can pick up on things that no amount of Googling would reveal. And it seems that every business in the town cashes in on the word “inch”, e.g. builders are called Inch Perfect. But Inchindown has one other claim to fame. They are in the Guinness Book of Records.

During the Second World War, huge tunnels were built under the mountains surrounding the village to store ammunition and oil. The tunnels are still there. And a few years back they conducted an experiment. Someone fired a gun shot and it echoed for 112 seconds, beating the previous world record, also recorded in Scotland, when someone slammed a door and it resonated for 15 seconds. You can get some very angry people in Scotland.

My next few weeks continue to be interesting. Tomorrow I travel back down to Harrogate. Then on Monday we travel to Oxford for an appointment on Tuesday morning. We then stay with our daughter on Tuesday night and Wednesday night in Buckingham, and then it is across to a hotel in St Albans for Thursday night before flying out to Malaga on Friday morning. When we return to the UK on May 22, we hope to move into our new home where we intend to stay for the whole of June and July ………..without budging. We sat down last night and tried to work out how many different beds we have slept in since going to Antigua. Our first draft count has reached 14, but we think we have missed a few.

Say hello to Adderbury for me. And if you really feel energetic, how about donating? Every penny will go to Adderbury Library.

I’ll be back.


  1. Fab blog Peter, Adderbury says ‘Hi’.
    Be safe on your travels, all those briefs, beds, and building buying…. 😃 , how bizarre!

    1. Bizarre it is. On Saturday I woke up in Kenmore in Perthshire. On Sunday and Monday I woke up in Harrogate. On Tuesday I woke up in Oxford, and today I woke up in Buckingham. Writing this on a train to London. That’s four different beds this week and it’s only Wednesday. Two more different beds await me before Saturday. And one of those is over a thousand miles away. It all sounds very exciting but it is starting to take its toll.

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